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How To Improve Your Thesis Proposal In 60 Minutes

How To Improve Your Thesis Proposal In 60 Minutes

Students who are doing their Honours are required to submit the best thesis proposal in their Major program. If you are a fresh candidate then you need to produce your research material proposal to the Honours Research office, before enrolling yourself for the Thesis Semester. A thesis proposal sample project comprises of the following points_

  • Brief introduction about the topic you have selected as your research material.
  • Review of the literature
  • A methodology with detailed information about your plans to accomplish the goals of the thesis.

Create a significantly premium quality cover page for your thesis proposal example enriched with a list of the Department Chair committee members or the Department Coordinator of HIM. Discuss other essential things with Chairman regarding your proposal structure and style for best results.

What is a thesis proposal?

The thesis proposal is a basic document that comprises outlined details about the topic you have selected to be researched. It should define the various issues that will be discussed in your thesis and describe why it requires additional research. The thesis proposal should recognize a problem and propose a perfect solution for that issue.

Proposals generally should cover the following pointers _

  1. Introduction

A short and sweet introduction that defines the topic of your thesis and explains briefly the purpose of the research.

  1. Literature review

Second, the proposed thesis should contain a Literature review that defines the applicable theories and readings, about your research material.

  1. Methodology

The next section is the methodology chapter that should include questions about the research, participants, hypothesis, procedures, and materials.

  1. List of reference

You need to produce a bibliography list of references. You must write about those reference resource materials extracted from reviewed books or articles. Try avoiding the collection of sources through virtual portals for more genuine material.

How to write a thesis proposal?

We have covered few important things to follow for a successful research proposal.


Define the research proposal by outlining those rich materials that you have collected. This is very essential for both of you to, prepare a thesis and as a reference for your lecturer.

Carefully sketch out the important parts of the research. This will guide you to prepare and develop the original thesis material easily by following the detailed outline.

You need to clearly understand the structure of your research proposal to complete it effectively. Your instructor or lecturer is likely to check for evidence in your thesis proposal that gives them proof that you have understood the procedure.

Acknowledging the structure

Next, you should understand the structure of your research proposal. The best parts of the thesis structure to be covered are as follows_

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Prevailing significant literature before analysis
  • Thesis or research statement
  • Approach
  • Potential consequences
  • Limitations of the proposal
  • Contributions to knowledge
  • Dissertation chapters proposed

Plan your writing material

The most amazing way to organize a research proposal together is to plan diverse steps write before you start writing a thesis proposal.

Plan out the writing material and avoid hacking any previous thesis structure materials, because such proposals will be rejected by the committee. Therefore, design and create carefully the flow of your research writing.

Make sure that your thesis proposal writing flow is as _ Outline, visuals, description of the methodology, data explanation, estimated results according to the data.

Research all the requirements in your thesis proposal template materials. Make sure the length of the proposed research and other details such as spaces and font, are carefully reviewed and defined.

Writing the research proposal

Start writing the planned thesis proposal that you just finished planning. It should be written in perfectly unique style formal Type. The writing format should be simpler and at the same time maintaining readability and academic justice.

Avoid writing in a grammatical first-person way, but maintain justice to the entire concepts of the thesis proposal. Anyways you must consult with your lecturer about the writing style for the thesis statement before starting.

Proofreading your research proposal

Another very important fact to consider is to proofread your thesis material for any grammatical or typo errors. Check the readability of the thesis proposal outline by asking your friends or another person to read them and check if they are finding it difficult to read and understand the research stuff. The person proofreading your thesis proposal should be a person who is in the same field as your research.

You need to read a thesis proposal aloud to yourself and understand the typo and grammatical errors. After checking and rewriting those errors, once again ask your colleagues or friends to proofread for you and check for missed grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Make use of spellchecker apps and proofread the materials ample amount of time, until you are 100 percent satisfied with the results. This step is very important because acceptance of your thesis proposal depends upon it.

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Tips for writing the best thesis proposal

Rewriting mistakes can become a stressful task and will also consume a huge portion of your time. So double-check constantly for typo errors. The title you give for your thesis should clearly indicate research materials or the important question it is solving. Formulate the basic questions for your research explaining in detail the issues related to your thesis and explain why the topic is worth the research.

Include certain incredible facts such as the problems and background of the proposed thesis. A summary well explaining the developments and debates about the fieldwork. As you start writing the thesis proposal you will realize that there are many unanswered questions within your research materials. Provide genuine reference material and sources of information in detail about the texts and articles discussed in your thesis proposal. Try to provide solutions for them in your end conclusion. Good luck!

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