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Research on the System of Imperial Harem in Liao Dynasty

Research on the System of Imperial Harem in Liao Dynasty

Harem system was a product of the era of the autocratic monarchy, which is an important aspect of maintaining the imperial power. After the founding of the Liao Dynasty, it inherited the national harem system from Sui and Tang Dynasty, combined with the characteristics Khitan had ever, and formed into a tipcal Khitan’s succedent houses which played an important role in their political ruling life. The inspection system for Liao harem, can help us greatly, not only more in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the autocratic monarchy, but also our study of skies system, the marriage system, the etiquette system, social customs etc.

Firstly,based on an introduction of the Liao Dynasty harem system’s current researchment and significance of these papers,This article definites some conceptions being involved.This is a deeply discussion to Liao Dynasty’s harem system from the start of the overall angle,which is on the basis of the predecessors’ research results and study methodThis artical is divided into four parts,which discuss the Liao Dynasty’s harem system on all aspects.The first part discuss in the two aspects:the harem institutions or wives,and service personnel.In the former,it inspects in choosing imperial concubines, choosing wives,and the end-result of wickedness,and the fate,etc.Choosing tigation system’s harem other system cornerstone,is an important aspect of the Liao Dynasty harem system.Along with the progress of the feudal Liao,deepening the scope, wives choose such changes,the royal way,further expand the scope of object of intermarriage,which is still subject but after officials.Due to the national tradition, Khitan Liao,the wives choosing showed certain freedom and openness.Succedent houses and official aspect successively set the court with his chances and account department chief official institution and the status,The house is mainly from the war and the eunuch captured from the hart people,for thus castrated set condition generally tang-style and build,GongRen mainly from confiscation,choose to capture the harem,dickinson is mainly impacted the account of the Khitan is mainly derived from confiscation.Thus,GongRen dickinson,etc,the emperor is either in the position and the emperor imperial concubines and state officials,but these slaves profound changes may also imperial concubines and state officials,become a member of the ruling class.The second section discusses the harem etiquette system.Liao etiquette system mostly harem,Liao etiquette system period had so many.Bsically it had the queen etiquette system,and the serrved etiquette system,funeral ritual system,etc.Etiquette system Settings are succedent houses in order to maintain the queen “subpolar jun” exalted position,in order to maintain the emperor of supreme status.The core of the queen’s harem,so queen system is an important component of the harem system,queen etiquette system is designed for Liao Dynasty rulers to queen dowager set with a series of etiquette system,including the queen’s wedding,queen dowager,volumes, empress dowager,focusing on the method of ZunHao system.And service system is mainly includes the etiquette of Liao Dynasty succedent houses within the car and etiquette system and service system and etiquette.Crown and chariot is ancient social and political status symbols,with strict level shall not exceed the stipulated,courtesy, provisions carefully and trival,car and etiquette and lavatory etiquette is under the harem,cherish the major etiquette system level.According to the car and Liao history records can be divided nations,and strategic and han and is mainly from the national so common,qidan han and tang is mainly following.Hou ethnic costumes of the harem as clothing,clothing,also have zhongyuan han since after emperor gradually formed “the emperor and the south class with han officer;the queen serenity and class with countries,officials Khitan Jin Dynasties of the hanfu is left.Funeral rites of the system is briefly,Liao Dynasty of chanyuan later,after which the queen died in contradiction to quote” Song,Xixia,Korean,Song,Xixia,Korean,etc send representatives and contradiction to offering even more solemn,etiquette,was analyzed through the queen,Liao Dynasty funeral rites program.The third part elaborates Liao succedent houses prefer system,here has to take the Liao and communication system,the effect of itsfirstmale heir.In order to maintain the Liao Dynasty the queen’s eldest son throne and monuments,honour, irrespective of the queen and gradually establish a harem imperial concubines index system,wives index system of Liao Dynasty follows the basic(mainly Tang and five wives index system of the later Jin Dynasty),according to their own national habits have more profits and losses,and has the nation’s unique characteristics.This system determines the queen and concubines and level difference,between the queen in the harem,enjoy the most honorable status of top management harem harem treatment of all kinds of imperial concubines and other people,respect for the queen to form a imperial concubine,low status,guarantee the queen in Liao Dynasty established its firstmale heir plays an enormous role,guarantee the firstborn consider itsfirstmale heir more greatly.The fourth part summarizes the closing the system characteristics of Liao Dynasty succedent houses,and sums up three main features of Liao Dynasty harem system:reference properties,nationality and mobility.Overall,Liao Dynasty established the harem with Khitan characteristics,which following that of Sui and Tang Dynasties and linking it with its own nationality. With the deepening cultural exchanges with the central plains,the system of imperial harem in Liao Dynasty was gradually institutional and perfect.And as an important system,it played a very important role in political life in Liao Dynasty

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