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Thesis For Research Paper – How To Find A Good Thesis Topic

Thesis For Research Paper – How To Find A Good Thesis Topic

Students writing a research paper must create a thesis statement. In this part of the essay, they write the key objective of their work. What does the thesis for research paper include? It includes a statement and some arguments. Students should first check the information they find regarding the topic and add an opinion in the introduction. They can do this the best by composing a hypothesis in the introduction’s concluding two sentences or three.

Researchers in the academic world face several challenges. Their first papers are their semester or term paper at their K-12 school at ordinary and advanced levels. The amount of research rises with the diversification of disciplinary fields. Students at undergraduate levels have to do more focused research.

Students need better quality research at post-graduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral levels. Thus, students need to be more original and innovative. Research at these levels is present in several forms. The paper and the thesis are very popular examples.

“Is thesis and research paper the same” is a question that many students have.  It’s natural as the words “thesis” and “research paper” are often used alternatively. For their information, it’s a linguistic error. Whether students use “thesis or research paper” depends on what they’re mentioning. Are they citing the thesis statement of their research paper or their research paper?

thesis for research paper

Thesis And Research Paper – differences

There are several thesis vs research paper differences. Some dissertation vs research paper differences are major, and the rest is more subtle.

What are the major differences?

A research paper has to do with proving a “main argument.” The main question of an academic argument resulting in further research is the thesis.

The thesis includes

  • Possibilities, in the form of several anti-thesis
  • Termination of all possibilities in the form of nullification of all anti-thesis

The research paper involves

  • Proving the chief thesis statement and assembling evidence and information to prove
  • Discovering other possibilities and their nullification and forming a theory on future substitutes for the chief thesis question

What do students who have difficulty writing a hypothesis do?

What is the importance of the hypothesis of an essay? Here, the readers decide whether they’ll read the essay. What if students can’t create a hypothesis the first time? They can follow some steps.

They should assure the readers that the essay is worthy of reading as it presents new information and fresh ideas. Consequently, they should create a reliable statement and concise and engaging arguments. Students composing a paper should focus on

  • The results of their work
  • The purposes for the research

A quality thesis statement in the introduction of a research paper is very important

Students need considerable empirical data to create evidence-based conclusions. These conclusions will help them establish the causes and reasons associated with their hypothesis. The part of a paper of utmost importance is a quality thesis statement in the introduction.

A good thing that students can do to write the best thesis statement

Students will do well by writing down all the thoughts that come to them. Why so? There are chances that a few of them will apply to their paper, and they don’t wish to lose them. A norm for placing a thesis for a research paper is the introduction.

Next, we will see the steps that students writing the thesis for the research paper should follow.

What are the steps for writing the thesis for the research paper?

Students must:

  • Go through all information
  • Create the facts and the reasons for it
  • Compose the hypothesis in numerous ways to get the finest results
  • Concentrate on the results they’ve acquired from their research
  • Consider the reasons they can utilize as evidence to back up their opinion
  • Put a thesis statement in the introduction

The above steps will help students write an opinion quicker. Students should compose the hypothesis in some ways, try to better their hypothesis, and redraft it. By doing so, they get the finest result.

How about an example of a Thesis Statement?

Students still uncertain about how to write a thesis statement in a research paper will find thesis examples for research papers useful.

Below is an example of a thesis statement

Students who complete their high school will find a gap year useful. Students can socialize and be well-versed about what they wish to do in life.

The first sentence is a fact, and the next sentence cites the reasons. A student who does a research paper on this fact should clarify how this fact brings about socialization and awareness in the body of their paper.

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More about a thesis statement in a research paper

A thesis statement in a research paper is just a single sentence. Yet, it is perhaps the most significant part of a research paper. How can a student put the correct thesis to a research paper? He needs to understand what he is writing about and what he is aiming at with his paper.

Essentially, a thesis statement is a part where the student

  • Tells the audience the core idea of his paper
  • Get the readers to understand why his paper is important

Writing a thesis statement – General Guidelines

A thesis is not the first thing that students writing a paper should consider.

  • They should first begin their research, amass information, and evaluate the information they have gathered
  • Then they start writing their paper

Students who have finished compiling all the information can proceed to fashion a convincing statement.

Placing the thesis statement right

If possible, students should keep their thesis to one sentence and no more. A thesis statement that is longer means

  • That the student was unable to craft a correct statement
  • That the statement could do with some improvement

A thesis statement must be specific and totally on point. What is the advantage? Readers who see it should understand precisely what is happening and what the student writing the research paper is about to prove.


For crafting a proper thesis for a research paper students must understand what they’ll argue in their paper. They should write a statement after they are done with their initial research and have collected all the information.

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