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Thesis Format – What It Is And How To Format A Perfect Thesis

Thesis Format – What It Is And How To Format A Perfect Thesis

Writing a thesis and dissertation is not the easiest of the writing jobs. You have to be very careful while writing them. You have to understand the basic thesis format that should be used while writing one. It is important determining the style first of all. For instance; you can use the MLA or the APA style of writing. But you have to understand how they should be used. It is also necessary that you follow the specified format endorsed by the academy where you are going to submit the thesis.

Using Thesis Format Sample

The best way of choosing the format for thesis writing would be obtaining a thesis format sample that can help in designing the thesis. You can find such samples in the following ways.

  • Visit an educative and informative site where such formats are provided
  • Obtain the format from the academy library
  • Getting the format from the guide under whom you are making the research

thesis format

Thesis Writer’s Responsibilities

Using the right thesis format is the responsibility of the writer. You have to be careful about spelling, punctuation, and grammar while writing the thesis. Other aspects to take care of are as follows.

  • These days writers use the computer for writing the thesis and thesis format pdf is common as it can prevent unwanted manipulation of the work
  • Styles of thesis writing changes from time to time and you have to write it according to the current guidelines
  • The most important part of it is that the content should be unique as the thesis does not have room for plagiarism

Order of Thesis Components

There are various formats including the ms thesis format that can be used by the writer. However, it is essential maintaining the right order of components in the thesis. The components and their orders should be as follows.

  • The title page of the thesis
  • Copyright page
  • Abstract summarizing the contents
  • Preface that can also indicate dedications and acknowledgments
  • List of abbreviations used
  • List of the symbols used
  • Table of contents with their page numbers
  • List of tables and figures
  • Introduction
  • Thesis body containing appropriate subheadings
  • Appendices
  • Endnotes

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Different Formats for Different Works

The above list is suggestive and not exhaustive as the thesis format will vary according to the type of thesis written. For instance; the undergraduate thesis format will be different from the format used by research scholars writing thesis for Ph.D. certification. Despite all their differences the formats also have some common features. One of them is the title page containing the following information.

  • Title of the thesis in capital letters and centered at around two inches below the top of the page
  • Name of the writer centered at one inch below the title
  • The name and address of the academy or organization to which the thesis is submitted. It should be centered one inch below the writer’s name

These are the common components of the title page of any thesis format.

Visit Reliable Educational Website

To get the sample formats for thesis writing you can connect to an education site online. Such a site can provide you with an ideal format matching the purpose of writing the thesis. Whether it is essay format, research paper format, or any other the site can provide samples to follow. The formats provided by them can serve as the basic platform for you and you can improve on it with the help of your guide.

The Copyright Page Format

In order to protect your work from unscrupulous copiers the best way is to have a copyright page in the thesis. This page should contain the following information written using a single space and the contents centered around two inches above the bottom of the page.

  • This page should be the next one to the title page in the thesis format
  • Copyright symbol and year should be mentioned with the words “ALL RIGHTS RESERVED”
  • Full name of the author as mentioned on the title page of the thesis

Font Size and Spacing

The font size and spacing should be such that all the contents in the thesis are clearly visible. Some of the things to take care of them are as follows.

  • Font size should be in the range of 10-12 only
  • Superscripts and subscripts should be not more than 2 points smaller than the text used in the thesis
  • Text in the thesis should appear in a single column and double space throughout
  • Paragraphs should have tab indentation in the entire document and texts should be left-justified

Similarly, margin also plays a vital role in the thesis format. The usual practice of thesis format margin is making the right margin half in size of the left margin throughout the document. Following the right format can impress the examiner and can fulfill the purpose of writing the thesis.

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